FRAME is a rules-lite tabletop RPG inspired by Warframe, coming to Kickstarter soon!

You play as the Frames, an amalgamation of flesh and metal, created to defend this system from anything that would threaten it.

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art by Tithi Luadthong

Art by Tithi Luadthong


FRAME is an RPG about powerful biomechanical guardians, waking from a century's long slumber to a system in turmoil. As a Frame, you were created to protect a now desolated empire. Each Frame was created with a particular art of war in mind. While the empire you once served may have fallen, your duty to protect this system and it's inhabitants remains.

FRAME is inspired by sci-fi action games like Warframe and Destiny, where you take control of incredibly powerful characters and go out on dangerous missions. Players will choose a Frame to embody, giving the mechanical guardian a purpose again.

Frames serve roles similar to classes seen in other games. For example, Flux is a master of magnetism, and uses their powers to keep the enemy forces locked in place and stripped of their power. Steel, on the other hand, prefers wielding a sword and getting up close and personal.

FRAME is rules-lite, and you can start playing in minutes. To learn more about how the game is played, check out the Rules section.

art by Tithi Luadthong

Art by Tithi Luadthong


As a rules-lite game, FRAME is designed to get you building a character and playing in minutes. Not all of the rules are shown here, but this will give you an idea of how the game is played!

After choosing their Frame and creating their character, players will go out on Missions across the system. Some will require them to eliminate enemy forces that have struck out against what remains of humanity, while others will require the defense on ancient ruins of the empire you once served.

FRAME uses a d6 system, where a pool of dice are rolled for certain actions, and success is determined by the highest die. Instead of having a list of skills or actions they can take, Frames instead have 3 Attributes that describe how they act.

  • Force: powerful, emotional, sweeping, destructive

  • Flow: quickly, reflexive, nimble, efficient

  • Focus: methodical, practiced, surgical, patient

Whether they are in combat or interacting with their environment, Frames always make rolls based on how they are approaching the situation, rather than on a set of skills that determine what they can and cannot do.


When a fight breaks out, FRAME is focused on frenetic, fast-paced combat. Players take turns dealing devastation to the enemy. Speed, distance, and many other things are abstracted out, to keep the fight moving quickly. No tactical maps necessary!

Each Frame is equipped with a gun and melee weapon. Weapons deal harm, and have tags which give them special rules and features. No two weapons will be the same!

The Frames also bring terrifying Powers to the battlefield. These are unique abilities for a Frame, allowing each player to bring a special element to the fight.

The GM's role during combat is to react to the player's rolls. Enemies have lists of moves that they use when given an opportunity, and the GM can always count on using these to keep the fight interesting, rather than just a race to see who can kill who first.


Each Frame is unique kitted with a set of Powers and weapons. After a mission, players have the opportunity to customize their Frame even further.

Frames can have many of their Attributes and other characteristics upgraded, allowing them to stay in the fight longer and pull off more incredible actions. Or, they can improve their Powers, making them even more devastating.

After improving your Frame, it's time to get back out there! Your work is never done, the system needs you.


You can find some of the work in progress (WIP) art and layout for FRAME below! Keep in mind that these are not the final product, and may change before the Kickstarter!

Example layout spread by Jam (Julie A. Munoz).

Example character sheet by Jam (Julie A. Munoz).

WIP character art by Royalprat.

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